Lee Leflever - wiki's in Plain English

To Do:

Login to and create a new wiki

wikiname should be your first name last initial  Example:  marcil

Click Manage Wiki

Go to "Look and Feel" and change the theme of your wiki

Use Gimp to create a logo for your wiki (Size:  500 px x 120 px)

Add Leberman as a member of your wiki

Edit the first page, welcoming people to your wiki.

Create a documents page and upload your photostory video.


Activity #1:  To Change Profile Picture:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click My Account
  3. Scroll down to the "My Profile section and click Change next to Picture.
  4. Browse and locate your profile picture that you would like to use.

Activity #2:  Add a map to a new page

  1. Create a New Page in your Wiki
  2. In the edit mode, type a short description of your favorite place on earth (could be Parker or a place you've been on vacation)
  3. Press the enter key a couple of times to move down the page.
  4. click the Widget button on the toolbar and choose Map on the left-hand side then choose Google Maps.
  5. Follow the instructions to go to Google Maps. A new window will open.
  6. Find your location and click the "Link" button.  Copy the html code and then close that window.
  7. The wiki window should still be open in the background.  Paste the hmtl code in the box and then click Save.
  8. Save the wiki page and see if your map worked!