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To what extent do you feel that you are aware of the 21st Century framework (themes, skills, tools) and its support systems?  (Please choose the answer that best describes you) Not aware of the 21st Century framework at all
Do you feel you have the resources and knowledge to provide best practices and model effective technology integration? 1
What is your level of confidence with technology tools? 3 - I feel comfortable trying new applications
In your best estimation, which of the below do you see your students in your classes utilizing technology? 1 - Understanding (interpreting, summarizing, paraphrasing, explaining)
Do you feel that you AND the staff have a clear understanding of the school's expectations for student attainment of 21st Century Skills. 1 - Strongly Disagree
Do you think students can effectively help teachers in integrating technology? No
Would you be interested in a student technologist (directed by Marci and Cindy) coming into your classroom next semester to help you enhance a project with a technology piece? No
If yes, enter your name in this field. 
Our goal would be to hear your goal for your project, then to work with the student integrationist to present an idea to you that would be a technological piece to your unit.   (Use of technology should be appropriate, add to the value of the lesson, actively engage students, and generally support the goals and standards addressed in that particular lesson, unit, or project)  From there we would hope that the student could be a part of your classroom time with the appropriate technology, so that he/she could help you and your students reach the technological piece of your unit.
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