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Started: 10/20/2021 7:25 AM
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What Is Windows 365 Cloud PC?
Windows Cloud PC is a hardware virtualization platform. That might seem like a mouthful, but it’s very easy to understand. In simple terms, Microsoft 365 Cloud PC is a cloud service that hosts virtual PCs with Windows installed on them. Companies can use these virtual machines (or VMs) as if they were real Windows computers physically located in their offices. The only requirement is an internet connection. If everything works as it should, these Cloud PCS should be able to stream a full Windows experience to any device you own, allowing you to easily switch devices for remote work. Business customers will be able to take advantage of this “hybrid Windows” model (as Microsoft calls it) to create a seamless transition between in-office and remote work. Users will be able to use a Windows 365 virtual desktop when working in the office, then log in to that same Windows 365 Cloud PC on their personal computer when working remotely, with access to the same apps and files. Windows 365 will come as part of the Microsoft 365 SaaS platform, which means it will follow a subscription model, billed per user. Is Windows 365 Cloud the Same as Azure Virtual Desktop? Microsoft first dipped its toes into PC virtualization with its Microsoft Virtual Desktop platform (renamed Azure Virtual Desktop), which made it big after the COVID-19 pandemic. The one downside to Azure Virtual Desktop is that it can be complicated to set up, as you have to configure your own VM in order to use it. Although it’s built on Azure Virtual Desktop, the new Microsoft cloud platform is far easier to use. Cloud PCs will come preconfigured with Windows 10 or 11, and you can use them right out of the box as if they were regular PCs. System admins can manage cloud PCs via Microsoft’s remote desktop app, Microsoft Endpoint Manager. How Microsoft Cloud PCs Could Change Remote Work The most exciting thing about Microsoft’s new cloud computing platform is that it should work with any device and operating system. Once your workplace assigns you a Windows 365 Cloud PC account, you can log in to it from any device with an internet connection, and use it as if it were your real-life office PC. This means that you could log in to your virtual Windows 365 Cloud PC from any personal or corporate device. This includes your laptop — whether it runs Windows, macOS or Linux — and even your Android or iOS mobile devices. You won’t even have to roll out of bed to pick up your laptop; you can just fire up your work PC from your phone. What’s in It for Businesses? Why should businesses care? Well, they can save an up-front cost on hardware by running Microsoft’s virtual office PCs on weaker hardware. This creates opportunities for small businesses that lack resources to access the same computing power as their larger competitors. Plus, the Microsoft cloud PC platform lets you scale processing power by allocating extra resources to your cloud PCs (at an additional cost). Plus, because you pay on a per-user basis, you won’t have to pay for redundant VMs. Software developers will be glad to hear that the new virtual Windows machines work just like regular physical devices do, so developing for a virtual Windows machine should work the same way. This bodes well for app compatibility, too. Hope you find this helpful. To learn more about Windows Dedicated Server Hosting visit Apps4Rent.
Posted: 11/9/2021 4:15 AM
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