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Started: 3/22/2022 5:19 AM
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Steps To Write A Powerful Topic Sentence

Topic sentences aren’t the first or the last set of words you write in your paper. Instead, you evolve and develop them throughout the process of writing and essay help. If you like to pay attention to the fine details and ensure that your topic sentences and paragraph uplifts your argument, you can follow the following steps.

Step 1: Write a thesis statement

The first step to form your topic sentences is to ensure that you have a powerful thesis statement. The thesis statement wraps up your paper’s purpose and argument.

Here is an example of an excellent thesis topic sentence:

An increasingly pressing environmental issue of this time is food. To make sure human beings have less impact on the ecological system of the environment, a change in global patterns of food production and consumption is necessary paper checker.

Step 2: Make an essay outline and draft topic sentences

Next, you should outline your essay structure and plan what information you will place in each paragraph and how you plan to use the evidence.

Here, you can write a topic sentence that synopsizes the main point of your paragraph. Of course, the topic sentences must be more precise than the thesis statement, but they must be relatable.

For example, Research has always brought to light that the meat industry has a notable environmental impact.

Step 3: Add detail with evidence

The rest of the paragraph should move logically from the topic sentence, adding detail to the evidence, examples, or argumentation. It keeps your sections focused: everything you write should be centered on the main point expressed in the topic Chemistry Homework Help sentence.

In the examples mentioned above, you may add specific research studies and statistic reports that second your point on the total impact of the meat industry.

Step 4: Refine your topic sentences

Topic sentences usually begin as simple statements. But you must revise them as you write and ensure that they go with the paragraph content.

A good topic sentence emphasizes adding a clear sense of what to expect from the paragraph contents without revealing everything. You may call it a signpost: it should tell the reader the way your argument will develop.

To make your writing powerful and pay someone to take my online exam ensure that you maintain a clear and logical connection between your paragraphs, you can also use topic sentences to pave a smooth transition.

Thus, if you want to write a powerful topic sentence, you must follow the above mentioned steps.​

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