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Started: 10/8/2021 6:15 AM
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Features You Should Ask Your QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Provider
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is the most popular small business accounting software businesses use to manage income and expenses and keep track of the financial health of their business. You can use it for invoicing customers, paying bills, generating reports, and preparing taxes. It has surpassed many popular and old accounting software like Sage Cloud in terms of popularity and user experience. 1. Business Continuity Business continuity is a set of procedures and protocols defined by a company to be followed in the case of a disruptive event. A disruptive event can be anything that hampers the functioning of a business, such as IT failures, cyberattacks, etc. Ask the QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting provider if they deploy a robust business continuity plan. Under the plan, the provider should be able to identify all the risks that can cause the unavailability of QuickBooks Enterprise. Moreover, proactive measures should be taken to mitigate those risks, including clearly defined steps and preventive measures. 2. Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery ensures the protection of your QuickBooks Enterprise and business data from all types of disasters, whether natural or caused by humans. Hence, whether it is an earthquake, flood, or a fire on the premises, you can continue working on your applications. Ask the QuickBooks Enterprise provider if they have a disaster recovery infrastructure to ensure 24/7 availability of your business. Under the disaster recovery feature, your entire business process is replicated by the provider to geographically distant data centers. Hence, even if an entire data center goes down, your data and apps are safe in another data center. 3. Security Data security is one of the primary concerns for any business. Any compromise in data security by the hosting provider can lead to data loss or leak, proving disastrous for the company. Hence, when opting for a QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider, ask for the security measures taken by them to keep your data protected. The provider must deploy a multi-layered security infrastructure with security safeguards at the physical, network, and endpoint level. Some of the security measures to look for include data encryption, multi-factor authentication, DDoS protection, Intrusion Detection/Prevention System(IDS/IPS). 4. Support With an extensive workload, you can never afford to waste your time on IT-related issues. It not only affects your productivity but also leads to mental stress. A reliable customer support process is one of the vital attributes of a QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider. The provider should offer round-the-clock customer support, which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You should also ensure that the provider offers multiple platforms of contact- phone, chat, and email. Ask the provider about the certifications that the customer support executives hold. 5. Pricing Plans The pricing model of a QuickBooks Enterprise cloud provider can sometimes cause confusion to the businesses. So, it is important to analyze and compare the pricing structure of different cloud providers before choosing one. Ask if the cloud provider offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, where you get charged for only the services you use at a particular time. Also, check if the provider charges on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis. The QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider should not have any hidden charges and should be able to offer you special offers and discounts. To learn more about QuickBooks Pro vs Premier visit Apps4Rent.
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