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Started: 4/19/2022 7:15 AM
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​How to Search for Information for Your SMU Thesis

How to Search for Information for Your SMU Thesis


When a student begins to search for resources for writing a WRC, he must adhere to the following principles: relevance, freshness of data, reliability and validity of information. To do this, it is important to check the publication date of the material, compare articles with each other, highlight the main idea. It will be nice if at this stage the will immediately carefully study each source, emphasize the necessary points and sort them depending on the position in the diploma (chapter, section, subparagraph). 


This approach will allow you to immediately systematize the data, evaluate the approximate amount of work, the sufficiency of materials for a full disclosure of the topic.


Doing the main part of the work


This stage involves the creation of a theoretical chapter, the analysis of the activities of the object of study and the development of recommendations aimed at solving the problem and improving the activities of the authorities (object). It is important that theory closely intersect with practice, the considered principles and methods were applied by the student in the second and third chapters. Don't forget to spend some time on checking the material by the teacher and its correction, elimination of comments




At this stage, the student can feel the potential atmosphere of protection: a commission will sit in front of him, he will present his project, introduce the examiners to it, answer their questions. As a result, the commission will note the advantages and disadvantages, give time to finalize the project (if necessary).


Delivery of finished work to the department


It is important to observe certain deadlines for the completion and delivery of the finished material in order to obtain admission to the defense of the diploma. You can clarify the time frame with the supervisor or at the department, in the dean's office. After that comes the defense of the thesis and assignment of qualifications to the graduate, awarding a diploma of graduation from the university.


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