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MOKOLight, a china led manufacturer, has extensive experience in LED grow light assembly and MOKO LED grow light manufacturing​. We have many seasoned designers and engineers of LED grow lights. They will help clients choose the best suitable solutions for LED grow lights according to customer needs and help them smoothly complete the lighting project. We can provide free PCB design for our clients. We also have professional and considerate salespeople who listen to the clients all the time. They will timely reply the questions from our clients and provide solutions accordingly, so that the deal can be made easily and joyfully.

MOKO's production base is located in Shenzhen, China, the world’s electronics manufacturing center, where there is a complete LED grow light supply chain. We can secure the best electronic components at a relatively low price, ensuring high quality products yet with a more competitive price.

There are a number of electronic component manufacturers not far from our production base and we have a close partnership with them. As a result, we rarely delay the lead time due to supply chain issues. Even under the circumstances of global LED chip shortages, we are still able to deliver our products on time. In nowadays' trade, time is particularly important to every business.


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